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The Local & Live Sessions at Trinity Theatre

In January 2011, Local & Live founder and organiser, Paul Dunton decided that one weekend a year was not enough to celebrate the superb Local & Live musical talent that resides in the area. Although Paul as already showcasing acoustic acts two to three nights per week at The Grey Lady as part of his local music by candlelight series, he felt strongly that it was important to showcase a selection of the headline  and headline support acts from the festival roster to help whet the appetite for the main event in August, with a view to allocating proceeds from these events into the festival kitty to help with pre-event costs.

A larger space

Paul wanted a larger space where full-sounding bands as opposed to acoustic soloists and duos could perform in their natural guise. Trinity Theatre, with a capacity of 290 and set in the heart of the town became the chosen venue and has proved to be a wonderful setting. The Local & Live Sessions now take place virtually every month, always on a Saturday evening and have been an true success in every aspect. The live sound and lighting is spectacular and the atmosphere is incredible. Paul himself sometimes opens the show accompanied by his 20-piece Orchestra, paving the way for the two main acts to bring the night to a climatic close.

L & L Sessions information and advance tickets  are available at Trinity Theatre’s website: