Local & Live 2019 – festival lineup

Please note that all listings are subject to change.

Calverley Grounds: Friday night 23rd August

5.20pmUkelear Fallout
6pmChris Parris
7.10pmThe Charlie Rivers Band
7.50pmMike Wilton
8.30pmPlanet 3
9.15pmThe Soundcasters (headline)

The Tunbridge Wells Forum: Friday 23rd August

7.30pm The Blue Orchid Bouquet
8.10pm Jack Leon Mackey
8.50pm Crystalate
9.50pm Higgs & The Bosons
10.45pm The Buzzards (headline)

Calverley Grounds: Saturday 24th August

12noonWill Locke
12.30pmJennifer Lee Ridley
1pmTeddy Trenowden
2pmXavier Ralph
2.30pmLucy Jarrett
3pmRed Green & Blue
4.15pmSorrel Nation
4.50pmThe Frampton Sisters
5.35pmHarry Whitty Band
7pmThe Varlies
7.40pmThe Gallerys
8.20pmTop Cat Collective
9.10pmInfrared (headline)

The Tunbridge Wells Forum: Saturday 24th August

8.15pmLee Willz
9pm Karobela
10pm Black Gabanza
11pm All The Above
MidnightThe Long Faces (headline)

Calverley Grounds: Sunday 25th August

12noonConey Island Maybe
12.30pmThe Tringham Sisters
1pmIsabella Coulstock
2.45pmAnna Howie
3.20pmSean de Burca
4pmSon of Kirk
4.40pmPaul Dunton Orchestra
5.30pmJust For Today
6.10pmWake up Leo
8.10pmSteffan James Band (headline)

The Tunbridge Wells Forum: Sunday 25th August

8.15pm Rob Smyth
9pm The River Flows
10pm Kung Fu Slipper
11pm Duch Jo
MidnightWake up Leo (headline)

The Spa Hotel Gardens: Monday 26th August

12.30pmKay Hazelden
1pmMilly Rusling
1.30pmChalk & Cheese
2.05pmChris Pope
2.40pmMatt Falloon
3.50pmPeter Taylor
4.25pmRyan Weeks
5pmSummit of The Big Low
5.35pmDavid Mumford
6.10pmJon Grayson
7.20pmThe Good Ship Band
7.55pmThe Ackerleys (headline)

The Tunbridge Wells Forum: Monday 26th August

Start times to be confirmed.

1.50pmSoda Prism
2.40pmJames Medhurst
4pmThe Naming of Things
5pmThe Hoolies
6pmLéanie Kaleido
7pmNight without sleep
8pmMulvey’s Medicine
9pmCode Marla (headline)