Local & Live 2019: Monday at The Tunbridge Wells Forum

Monday August 26th 2019, 1:10pm - 10:00pm at Tunbridge Wells Forum (see venue details and map).

Part of Local & Live Festival 2019 : Monday.

9:00pm Headline : Code: Marla

"The Code: Marla sound stretches from trap through hip hop and rock, and always woven together with live instrumentalism, popping vocals, harmonies and big bass. 

In 2018, Code: Marla released their latest EP: “Origin Story”. This is the fifth release by Code: Marla on Bitnormal Records and is the first featuring the new lineup of Billy Logan (vocals), CJ Thorpe (bass, beats and synths), and Fraser Hall (guitar). 

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8:00pm Headline Support: Mulvey's Medicine

Mulvey's Medicine are a Jazz/Funk sextet from London. Composed and arranged by Eddie Mulvey. Perfected by The Medicine. Produced by Jorge Arango Kure...

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7:00pm Night Without Sleep

Night Without Sleep are amazed they are still alive. They have fully embraced this lease of life in becoming an acoustic duo comprised of Mad Dogs - Wolff Williams (vocals/guitar) and Jim (Funboy) Loosley (guitar/vocals). Trying hard not to let themselves fall into any one genre of music, they are...

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6:00pm Léanie Kaleido

Folk-rock poppet Léanie Kaleido’s lullaby voice, quirky lyrics and infectious melodies are winning airplay on BBC6 Music and stations across the globe, particularly since the release of her sumptuous second album, ‘Quicksands & Shadows’...

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5:00pm The Hoolies

Pete Billing and Barry McCormack had not played music with each other for some years. When they got together for a jam session they had so much fun and positive feedback that they felt they had to get there music out there and start gigging...

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4:00pm The Naming of Things

The Naming Of Things sing heartfelt songs of love and loss. Based around the songs of Andrew Lennox, coupled with the sinuous bass-lines of Jim Carrigan, the Tunbridge Wells-based band return after something of a hiatus. After a year that included the release of an eponymous EP, swiftly followed by...

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3:15pm Thoma

THOMA is the alias of London born singer and songwriter Tom Johnston. From a young age Tom began singing and writing songs, influenced by artists such as Phil Collins, Luther Vandross and Whitney Houston. Tom, like the artists he grew up listening to wanted to blend powerful vocals with immersive songwriting and cut his teeth playing various open mic nights and gigs at Bars, Pubs and Clubs, where his original material was always met with acclaim...

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2:40pm James Medhurst

James Medhurst has been in love with music since he got his first guitar at the age of 8 and intends to keep playing all the way up to 80.

After fronting the pop punk band Wayside Kings he has now decided to take his acoustic guitar in one hand, a cup of tea in the other, and explore a solo...

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1:50pm Soda Prism

Purveyors of 60's psychedelia, garage and punk... Original songs drawing inspiration from the late 1960's garage rock and psychedelic era plus late 1970's punk and 1980's underground indie stuff rolled into one tasty sandwich !

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1:10pm Laura Lamn

Laura Lamn’s graceful folk-inspired pop music tells an inspiring story. An episode of painful events sent Laura spiralling into a break down, which lead to a dark depression. During her recovery Laura taught herself to play guitar. She started writing intimate acoustic songs to comfort and heal herself. These songs became her debut album titled LOVE ALWAYS WINS. Album out now!

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