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The Violet Jive

A retro Swing sound with Feverish Latino curves and cool dark Alternative twist!

Musical ‘Mixologists’ The Violet Jive offer up a voluptuous Tiki style cocktail of sounds, blending styles and eras into one colourfully intoxicating hit. All about the rhythms and melodies, swampy riffs and lyrical imagery but with the musical skills and licks of even the hippest hepcats! The dynamic trio features Steve Spall’s lush vocals and ‘spy-esque’ swing guitar prowess with Paulo Beeching on Double Bass and Matt Wilson on the beats …A sound both fresh and retro!

The guys recently supported Grammy award winning Jazz/Soul singer Gregory Porter and have two originals albums; ‘Far Flung’ (2008) and ‘Rhythm Mythology’ (2012) available on their label Pitch-Ray Records, with hot download only tracks ‘Paper Flowers‘, a Django inspired electro swing ditty and dreamy cover of the Björk classic ‘Venus As a Boy‘ also up for grabs. New tunes are coming very soon!

…As a firm feature of the Tunbridge Wells music scene and Local & Live Festival since its early days, The Violet Jive are delighted to be rippin’ it up once more with all you music loving Hula Girls & Zombies!

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