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The Cockroaches

The Cockroach Squad are a six piece Rock n Roll Band from Tunbridge Wells. Started in January 2016 by Chris Exall founder member of the Anti Nowhere League, the band comprises of Chris on Guitar, fellow original ANWL member PJ on drums, Pete Lee on Bass, Tom Meyritz on vocals, Sally D Dee backing vocals and Jackie the Sax.

After 21 years playing in the League, Chris left in 2001 to concentrate on his various motorbike interests and only started playing again when he started listening to old records that had inspired him in the first place. “ I loved listening to bands like Screaming Lord Sutch and the Wild Angels whilst all my mates liked Deep Purple and Genesis, which I hated” he says. His influences include Chuck Berry, The Wild Angels, Johnny Kidd, Sex Pistols and The Damned to name a few.

Tom and Pete hail from renowned local gigging rhythm and blues band Riff Raff, and Tom is now transformed into a growling frontman with attitude to match. “Its completely different to the other stuff I do” he grunts “which is what makes it bloody exciting..”

PJ has been in the music business all his life, including 2 stints in the ANWL as well as guesting in many other bands including Riff Raff. He also runs the Bullit Recording Studio in Tunbridge Wells that gives new young talent the chance to record without being ripped off.

What you will get a a Cockroach gig is raw energetic dirty rock n roll in it’s purest form with no digital effects or keyboards, spontaneous show theatrics and most of all excitement by the bucketload.

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