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Second Helpin

An acoustic guitar duo playing original songs as well as covers in a style that’s a cross between country and blues (with bits inbetween!)

They were formed in 2011 and got their name from a 1974 album by Lynyrd Skynyrd (they then left the “G” off the end  just to be different!)

They are Robert Harmer and John S Grant (added the “S” to prevent confusion with the better-known singer/songwriter John Grant from America!) They play acoustic guitars, Fender Telecasters, ukulele and blues harmonica; sometimes cajon if John can get away with playing it!

They put their own style to some well-known (and some not-so-well-known) covers from AC/DC and The Cult, The Jam and Tom Petty to Depeche Mode and Tina Turner to Zac Brown, Steve Earle and Teddy Thompson (and loads more).

They’re not afraid to give any good song a try,  like to have fun with the songs, and hope the audience do too. With their excellent vocal harmonies you’ll be thoroughly entertained.

Their own songs have passionate, sometimes complex, thoughtful and at times humorous lyrics and you’ll find some on their 2014 Eleven Track  CD (and downloads) “The Road” and their 2016 Download song “Miles Away”. They have a backlog of songs waiting to be recorded so along  with performing and still writing, they’re a busy duo.

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