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Nate Austin

Nate Austin is a multi instrumentalist singer-songwriter. His music is a catchy blend of pop, rock, folk, soul and blues. He takes inspiration from events in his own life and those close to him. His honest account and uplifting sentiments have started to gain him a strong following of fans from all around the world (who call themselves his Mag-Nates!). Originally from Bromley, Kent, Nate’s journey through music has taken him from small town Bromley to Nottingham, Brighton, London, California and various countries in Europe. Signed to BGM Records in 2015 as a non-exclusive song-writer, Nate writes songs which are frequently pitched to Top 10 artists in the UK. Now after making Crowborough his home, he hopes to make a name for himself and continue to entertain audiences locally.

I’ve worked very hard at making my music contemporary and current. My music reflects who I am and my journey. I love melody. I enjoy all genres of music and take inspiration from anything, be it pop, rock, RnB, Electro, classical, jazz.

I want to use my platform as an artist to help others to realise their potential and gifts in life. To inspire, to help, to articulate for others who necessarily don’t feel how they would like to, or cannot express it themselves. These moments pass and do not last forever, but I know from my own experiences how solitary and lonely it can be.

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