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Lachlan Daly

I have been playing the piano since I was eight and started learning the guitar two years ago. As I improved I found the courage to sing, freeing my passion for writing music. I have an interest in all kinds of music which has helped develop my writing style and I find it very satisfying when I can incorporate and fuse genres together. My sound is mainly acoustic. However I am slowly learning to use a loop station to build more variety into my tracks. I feel that my style of singing is heavily influenced by rock and musical theatre. Although I don’t sound like them, Muse are a big influence in my songwriting and are a great inspiration for me. I am currently taking the Diploma Songwriting course at BIMM London followed by the Degree course in September. I have been an onstage performer since I was nine and have performed many solo and band gigs at local venues, school concerts, fairs and my local Diner.

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