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“NO MERCY doesn’t just resonate as a ‘new’ take on Alt Rock, instead, it hits you with an unquestionable aural affirmation that this is the future.”
– Corvid Culture

KAROBELA are a hard hitting, in-your-face modern Alt Rock band from the South-East of England. Their music is ‘femininely virile’, powerful and energetic, your heart will be racing, and your feet will be stomping – their brand new single ‘NO MERCY’ is described as ‘indulgently scuzzy’ with ‘bouncing rhythms and driving choruses’ and ‘a sticky-sweet layer of Pop sensibility weaved into the mix’ – ‘it makes you want to walk through walls and feel like nothing will stop you’ (Nexus Music Blog) – all of this is proof that they are not here to mess around.

You can hear influences from classic acts such as Zeppelin and Hendrix, as well as modern day greats like Kaleo, Royal Blood and The Pretty Reckless – KAROBELA’S sound is fresh and unique, balancing accessibility with credibility (Whisperin’ and Hollerin).

KAROBELA live for the stage, scoring a slot at Camden Rocks 2019 ‘before even releasing a single song’ – their live show is infectious and electrifying: lead singer Lauren Diamond’s soaring vocals layering influences from the likes of Lady Gaga or Gwen Steffani against the band’s addictive gutsy guitar riffage, larger-than-life bass lines and thundering drums.

Sexy, dirty and passionate – KAROBELA are ‘strutting into a new era and heading onto big things.’

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