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Jennifer Lee Ridley

Emotive songstress, Jennifer Lee Ridley passionately uses influences of a Romantic folk nature to create poignant and touching music. She has studied in depth the poetic nature of song and has a strong affinity with writers such as William Shakespeare, John Keats and William Blake. More recently she has combined these influences with her own song-writing to create more modern fusions whilst carefully retaining the purity of the lyrical content. Her dark warm vocals combined with her individual folk sound mirrors the poetic lyrics which explore the many facets of emotions.

This has had a profound effect on her own songs which she continues to develop and enhance through working with other composers, musicians and writers locally and in London. She feels strongly that collaborating is an important part of growing and building an understanding of the nature and the impact of poetry and prose on music.

She is currently writing and recording her second album which she hopes to be released in 2020.

“I am astonished. Your music is phenomenal. The way you set poetry is so beautiful. Congratulations! How moving and transformative. Found myself rather inspired.” — Bill Barclay, Music Director, The Globe.

“Her vocal style is warm and darkly expressive, often much reminiscent of Sandy Denny in both timbre and texture and its general phrasing and inflection, while her chosen musical backdrops are richly conceived and executed.” — David Kidman, Fatea Magazine.

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