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Elo Quitmann

I don’t go a day without fiddling on my guitar or piano, coming up with new lyrics or challenging my voice to do things I don’t expect it to be able to do. My passion to perform started at an early age and was noticed by a number of people which lead to getting key solos and singing parts in the school choir and other theatre companies. I have achieved my Grade 6 classical singing but realised a while back that my true passion for singing and playing the guitar lies with singer-songwriting rather than the style I had been learning. My main idols: Melody Gardot, Tracy Chapman, Squeeze and Bob Marley have inspired me to write the music I have despite the variety of genres! Over the past 2-3 years, I have been able to take my song-writing and singing to the next level. Performing in every concert I can, being a core member of the singer songwriter group and writing collaboratively as well as on my own. Recently, I have performed in several gigs in local pubs, as well as being invited by ‘The Leaky Buckets’, a band from Lewes, to sing and play a handful of my own songs as an introduction to their concert. It was a fantastic experience and I hope to do many more of this type of thing in the future to get my songs heard and explore different ways of performing. I have already recorded two songs on school albums for charity, one with ove­r 1500 streams on Spotify and the more recent one getting there. Currently, I am keen to get my music equipment set up at home so I can start recording, editing and tweaking my own music, and carry on performing in as many different venues as I can so that I am noticed by people around the area or possibly further. When I write, every lyric comes from the heart and if I can’t relate to or haven’t experienced what I’m writing about then it is difficult to make it flow. As an artist, I want to be different to other people, to come up with something new that will get other people interested or turn their heads and have a reason to get further with doing what I love!

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