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Originally formed as a three piece back in 2001, indie rock band, Cyrano, soon became a foursome with the addition of lead guitarist, Karl Barton. From this moment on, their sound was born. With influences from bands like Pearl Jam and Elbow, Cyrano have crafted a unique blend of thoughtfully written songs, rock guitars and Tom Yorke-esque vocals resulting in their powerful and melodic sound.

“There’s absolutely no filler with this band. Each song is a perfectly crafted, impossibly sexy work of art in itself, honed and perfected over time. Their tunes build, grow, expand and explore, going exactly where you want them to and leaving you breathless with anticipation for the next one. ’Surely’, you say to yourself, ‘It can’t get much better than this’. Then it does.”
(Review from Blam magazine)

The band has recently finished recording their much anticipated second album which was recorded at The Assault & Battery 2 studio in London.

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