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Anna Howie

Anna Howie tells upbeat stories of love and loss and friendship through her own brand of Americana meets  London. Her recent EP  ‘An Idiots Guide to Love’ was recorded in Nashville and went to number 5 in the UK Country Album Chart

‘Anna’s voice is the perfect foil for her lyrics, blending a light sweetness with a bit of gravel. Think somewhere between the darker tones of Roseanne Cash and the airiness of early Joni Mitchell.’
— Fatea Magazine

‘A Beguiling combination of intelligent songwriting and engaging performance’
— Richard Leader, host of Leader’s American Pie

‘Anna is able to tackle weighty topics with her light, lyricists hand in a way that makes them easily accessible’
— Fatea Magazine

An extremely accomplished songwriter and performer with lush vocals and a gorgeous rich sound
— Ingenue Magazine

I love Anna Howie’s singing, songwriting and spirit.  She is a unique storyteller and when you combine that with gorgeous melodies it adds up to much more than 3 chords and the truth .  She has just finished her new EP here in Nashville and its excellent; showing off her UK meets Americana style with an A list of Nashville players.  Already a great live performer. I am looking forward to seeing where her new music takes her.
— Mark Cawley – hit songwriter and best selling author of ‘Song Journey’

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