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Aaric Snook

For the last 10 years, I have been writing and performing my own songs and instrumental pieces. I have performed numerous gigs at various venues as well as several small festivals. Over the last three years I have been focused on my studies at university and honing my art. I have and will be playing charity gigs to raise awareness for different charity and disaster relief campaigns. I am inspired by a wide range of influences, including  soul, jazz, folk, rock and modern pop music. My main influences at this time are Jack Johnson, Ben Howard and Bombay Bicycle Club.

The songs I write revolve around my relationships with the people around me, experiences that I have had and using those experiences to embellish a narrative in song. I find inspiration in experience and through arts and literature. Sometimes I think that the music says enough without the need for lyric, so I write instrumental pieces alongside songs.

In the next six months I will continue to write songs as well as develop songs I already have in my repertoire and release them. Over this same period I am looking forward to playing more gigs and developing various projects.

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