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Local and Live would like to thank Helios for their help in bringing you Local & Live 2018.

Established in 1986 and based in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, Helios is a busy homeopathic pharmacy with an extensive range of homeopathic remedies and natural health care products for all the family.

Our pharmacists and homeopaths are on hand to offer a warm welcome and friendly, expert advice.

Helios is a renowned specialist homeopathic pharmacy and manufacturer of homeopathic medicines. 

Formed by pharmacist and homeopath John Morgan and his wife Maya, the ideal was to create a new source of potent, accurate and effective remedies to bring profound healing and relief of suffering. The name Helios, taken from the Greek Sun God, was chosen because the image of the sun has often been used to symbolise an ideal state of health and wellbeing. 

Setting up a registered pharmacy is complex, but after several months of preparing the shop and dispensary and waiting for registration from the Pharmaceutical Society, Helios opened its doors at 92 Camden Road in November 1986 with four staff and only 30 homeopathic remedies. They would prepare remedies and send out between 10 and 20 orders a day, mainly to homeopathic students and practitioners, but as Helios became known to the local community would also serve customers in the shop and give consultations in the single clinic room at the back. 

As Helios’ reputation for producing remedies of quality and integrity grew and the resurgence in the popularity of homeopathy gained momentum, the requirement for bigger premises resulted in the move across the road to number 97 where they are still situated today. 

Nearly 32 years on Helios has 70 dedicated staff, the majority of whom are qualified homeopaths, and over 3,800 homeopathic remedies made by hand to traditional methods. Now they send out between 400 and 700 orders a day serving customers in 140 countries around the world. 

Close to the pharmacy is a large manufacturing unit where remedies and creams are prepared for retail outlets and other companies. The pharmacy in London’s Covent Garden opened in 2001 and, being centrally located, is very busy and an ideal stopping point for their overseas customers when visiting the UK. 

A few years ago the Tunbridge Wells pharmacy shop underwent extensive refurbishment. Alongside multi award winning homeopathic products you will find a carefully selected range of supplements, herbal products, flower essences and skin and hair care ranges made by companies sharing the Helios commitment to quality and using organic and natural ingredients from sustainable sources. The extensive 

collection of books covers a wide range of topics from homeopathy and flower essences to nutrition and health and wellbeing for all the family including your pets. All products are backed by friendly expert advice form their team of qualified homeopaths and pharmacists. 

Adjoining the pharmacy Helios ensures you have all your complementary health care needs covered with their busy multi-disciplinary clinic. 

MD and founder of Helios John Morgan says:

“We are delighted to be a Diamond sponsor of Local and Live, music is a passion of mine and supporting young, the more established and up and coming musicians so important. We wish you every success and an enjoyable time for all”