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Local & Live 2018 fundraising raffle

in association with DJM Music

We have a fantastic raffle for the 2018 festival!

Running throughout August and over the festival weekend, we have a raffle with musical prizes kindly provided by DJM Music.

We are very grateful for their help raising money for the 2018 festival.

About DJM Music

Established in 1994 by Darren Mennie, DJM Music Ltd is now one of the UK’s largest musical instrument shops, with a huge range of products for sale. A huge selection of Guitars, Drums, Percussion, and much much more!

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There are ten prizes to be won. More details below.

How to enter

Tickets are £1, available at the Grey Lady on Wednesdays and Sundays, at the festival. Or drop us a line at!

Here’s what you can win!

1st prize 

Tiger ACG2  Beginners Acoustic Guitar Package – Sunburst

The new Beginners Acoustic Guitar pack is an ideal kit to start you off on the acoustic guitar. With its brilliant sound and superb playability, you will find this a great amount of fun to play!

Also within the pack is a number of accessories to help you get started. Within the excellent carry bag with external pocket, you will find a spare set of steel strings, a black nylon strap, chromatic clip-on guitar tuner and guitar picks.

Tiger ACG2  Acoustic Guitar for Beginners – Black

Guitar Specifications:
– Size: 39″ Dreadnought Shape
– Scale Length: 648mm (20 Frets)
– Top: Spruce
– Back and Sides: Basswood

2nd prize

The Tiger Acoustic Guitar Pack bundles everything together to help start you off on the acoustic guitar with its brilliant sound and superb playability. Each guitar comes complete with a nylon gig bag, guitar strap and spare guitar strings providing everything a beginner needs to get started on the guitar. 


– Size: 39″ Dreadnought Shape
– Scale Length: 648mm (20 Frets)
– Top: Spruce
– Back and Sides: Basswood

3rd prize

World Rhythm Brown Cajon Box Drum with Adjustable Snare & Padded Bag

The World Rhythm Cajon Box Drum is a fantastic introduction to percussion and drumming. Complete with a protective, 5mm padded bag, this full-size cajon drum produces a variety of warm sounds.

Unlike most modern cajon drums which are fitted with wire strings to create the snare sound, the World Rhythm Cajon prides itself on its superior, genuine snare mechanism. Fully adjustable, the snare creates a sharp snare sound when hit from the top and a low, resonant bass sound when hit more centrally.


– Dimensions: (L x W x D) 49.5cm x 31.5cm x 32cm
– Weight (Cajon): 2.72kg
– Weight (Bag): 0.64kg
– 5mm Padded Cajon Bag

4th prize

Natural Soprano Ukulele Kit Beginners Pack

Fitted with precise geared mechanism machine heads and strung accurately this is a dependable ukulele that will hold its tune and that really helps you learn. Along with this the ukulele has a thinline neck which makes it easy to grip and the clear nylon strings are well spaced out so they are easy to press down on and play chords with. This makes it a preferable instrument to start on than a full size guitar for example which can be tricky to play when trying to press down the strings and with its size is not as suitable for children.

– Scale: 21″
– Strings: Standard
– Top Material: Linden
– Back & Sides: Linden
– Neck: Mahogany

– Soprano Ukulele & Lightweight Gig Bag
– Tiger Standard Ukulele Sling/Strap
– Tiger Clip-On Ukulele Tuner
– Felt Pick

5th Prize

World Rhythm Bongo Drums for Beginners – Red Finish

The World Rhythm Red Bongo Drums are the ideal instrument for beginners and budding drummers. Ready to play straight out of the box, this set is an ideal gift.

Crafted from quality wood and fitted with rawhide heads, these bongo drums produce a beautifully resonant sound. With a red coloured finish, this bongo set remains a popular choice for adults and children alike.

Rubber feet are fitted onto these bongos to provide grip and prevent slipping during furious drumming sessions. This feature will also prevent any potential damage to surfaces.


– 6″ and 7″ bongo drum heads

Five more prizes!

Tiger T-47 Clip-On Guitar Tuner – Chromatic Tuner for Guitar, Ukulele and Violin

 A brilliant solution to keeping your instrument in tune, the Tiger Mini Clip-On Chromatic Tuner is suitable for a variety of instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele and Wind. With a green and orange backlit LCD display the tuner clearly indicates whether the note you’re playing is out of tune and whether it is too sharp or flat helping you to keep your instrument perfectly in tune. 

One particular advantage with this tuner is the ability to turn the screen 360° which means that you can easily view the screen from any angle. Being small in size this tuner is very transportable and is easy to operate with a power button and a second button to adjust the tuning setting for different instruments. 

– Tuning settings:C(Chromatic), G(Guitar),B(Bass),V(Violin),U(Ukulele), W(Wind instrument)
– A4 Frequency:430Hz-450Hz
– Flat, for tuning guitar:b,bb
– Note:C,F,Bb,Eb
– Tuning Range:A0(27.5Hz)- C8(4186Hz)
– Battery:CR2032