And we’re off! Enjoy the weekend!

Local & Live 2017: Sunday at The Tunbridge Wells Forum

Sunday August 27th 2017, 7:00pm - 1:00am at Tunbridge Wells Forum (see venue details and map).

Part of Local & Live Festival 2017 : Sunday.

12:00am Headline : Cyrano

Originally formed as a three piece back in 2001, indie rock band, Cyrano, soon became a foursome with the addition of lead guitarist, Karl Barton. From this moment on, their sound was born. With influences from bands like Pearl Jam and Elbow, Cyrano have crafted a unique blend of thoughtfully written songs, rock guitars and Tom Yorke-esque vocals resulting in their powerful and melodic sound...

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11:00pm Headline Support: The Violet Jive

Musical ‘Mixologists’ The Violet Jive offer up a voluptuous Tiki style cocktail of sounds, blending styles and eras into one colourfully intoxicating hit. All about the rhythms and melodies, swampy riffs and lyrical imagery but with the musical skills and licks of even the hippest hepcats!

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10:10pm Wake Up Leo

A musical, poptastic, fizzbomb of guitar x-synth flavoured theatrical tunes and performance from Leo Ulph and his band. Think; The Killers mixed with Bowie and Arcade Fire.

It's all about stories, biting satire, humour and poignant commentary on modern culture, all set to thumping riffs and zings of keys...

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9:20pm Eliza Lewis

Having music in my life is one of the most important things to me. I feel like it’s a very stable source as I can always sit at the piano or even tap my foot to a beat in the middle of a math lesson. I started piano lessons when I was 7 and put my voice into training when I was 11 and in the last year or so I have started to teach myself the guitar...

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8:35pm Orestea

Orestea are a British rock band based around the South East of England.

Following the band’s last EP ‘This is an Overture’ the band decided to take some time out to focus on making their new album. Self-written, produced and recorded, ‘Elements’ sees the band growing and adapting their style and exploring new sounds. Having taken their writing influences from a wide variety of sources this album has been a real journey of growth and discovery for the band who are now producing the strongest material of their careers.

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7:45pm The Long Faces

Terribly, terribly, terribly sick of playing classical music, we formed a 5-piece band, made some jam, and embarked on our own musical travels. With songs being written as you read, and some phenomenal musicians on show including (but not limited to) Kristina 'Krik' Rhodes on bass, we are The Long Faces...

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