And we’re off! Enjoy the weekend!

Local & Live 2017: Saturday at The Tunbridge Wells Forum

Saturday August 26th 2017, 7:00pm - 12:15am at Tunbridge Wells Forum (see venue details and map).

Part of Local & Live Festival 2017 : Saturday.

11:50pm Headline : Flawless Carbon

Flawless Carbon are a captivating female fronted blues rock band from the UK. A unique blend of British and American influences provides a sonic backdrop where parallels can be drawn with the likes of Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart, and John Mayer and Joanne Shaw Taylor...

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11:05pm Headline Support: Higgs & The Bosons

Having lived through every era of rock from folk, blues and glam, to prog, punk and indie, Higgs and the Bosons mine a very broad seam of influences. Their hard-nosed, pub-rock songs are anthems to the bewildering realities of the world we all struggle to understand. They say age brings wisdom, but, as their songs show, the only thing we really learn is how little we know. So with bold riffs and acerbic lyrics, Higgs and the Bosons attempt to grab life by the throat and demand answers to the questions not covered by FAQs. With influences as broad as The Small Faces, Nirvana and The Black Keys, don’t expect to sit quietly through their set; your foot-tap reflex won’t allow it.

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10:15pm Black Gabanza

Five-piece alternative rock band from Kent, new music coming soon!

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9:25pm Son Of Kirk

Son of Kirk is a meeting of hearts and minds. A constantly evolving musical force driven by four uniquely creative individuals, who build on a foundation of inspired song-writing and strong melodic and lyrical interplay. Interweaving violin, cello and syncopated guitar lines, combine with dance and Afro beat informed percussive drum patterns and elements of improvisation. Four part harmonies create overlapping vocal lines, inspired by tribal and folk traditions...

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8:35pm John McLane

Songs about loss, love and deluded hipsters

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7:45pm Charlie Gibson (of Bison) solo set

Bisons can’t sing, talk or play music. However, if they could, it probably wouldn’t sound like Tunbridge Well’s HOTTEST BAND ‘Bison.’ It would sound more like ‘mmphhphphphrrrhahhahahahrhghghghgh’. Luckily, this isn’t what Bison sound like. They sound...

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