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Local & Live 2017 Fringe: Saturday at The Bedford

Saturday August 26th 2017, 1:00pm - 9:30pm at The Bedford (see venue details and map).

Part of Local & Live Festival 2017 : Saturday.

This is a fringe festival event. Lineups subject to change.

8:30pm Headline : MoVe OvEr DaLi

MoVe OvEr DaLi - an acoustic 'bluesabilly' pop band based in Kent UK. They play at markets, festivals, barbecues and peoples' houses locally.

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7:30pm Headline Support: 8 Car Attach

8 CAR ATTACH are an indie rock back from the south east of England. Formed in 2007, they have defined their sound with their electric and acoustic sets, bring a great live show full of large walls of sound and very delicate and fragile moments.

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6:45pm Second Helpin

An acoustic guitar duo playing original songs as well as covers in a style that’s a cross between country and blues (with bits inbetween!)...

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5:15pm Ryan Weeks

Starting to play guitar and sing at the age of twenty, originally buying his first guitar as a distraction from doing college assignments, Ryan is quickly making a name for himself in the local music scene , mixing soul, R&B, indie folk and country...

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4:30pm Laura Lamn

Laura Lamn is a British raconteur, maker of songs and poet with BBC Radio 1 play under her belt. She was born and raised in Kent suburbia to a family of mouthy market traders and antique dealers. Her songs tell stories of love, loss and faith with softly spoken lyrics and heartfelt sung choruses; Lana Del Ray meets The Streets...

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3:45pm Heyzeus

Heyzeus is an Alternative Rock group, from the UK. The duo is comprised of singer/songwriter and guitarist, Jamie Andrew, and partner Jessica-Louise on the drums/percussion. The pair met after Jessica, from Berwick-Upon-Tweed, saw Jamie on an ITV1 Saturday night TV show, and decided to track him down and travel the length of the country to meet him!

Catchy melodies and real feelings, delivered by some beautifully raw, and edgy rock vocals, sung over riffy guitar parts, make Heyzeus a group like no other of their time...

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3:00pm Kay Hazelden

Kay Hazelden is an acoustic artist from Crowborough, writing songs of: Love, loss, hate, fear, sickness and hope. Kay captures what can quite be simply the harsh realities of life with a contemporary twist but it’s not all doom and gloom! Self taught guitarist Kay steadily built her audience...

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2:20pm James Medhurst

James Medhurst has been in love with music since he got his first guitar at the age of 8 and intends to keep playing all the way up to 80.

After fronting the pop punk band Wayside Kings he has now decided to take his acoustic guitar in one hand, a cup of tea in the other, and explore a solo...

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1:40pm Vispers

Vispers is a cutting-edge alternative/indie-rock troubadour outfit based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. It is masterminded by Matt Bassett, which is another way of saying that Vispers is a thinly veiled distraction from the fact that Matt Bassett is a white boy with a guitar, doling out bare feelings in three-to-four minute chunks...

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1:00pm Ellie Wade

I am a budding singer-songwriter from Tunbridge Wells with a great love for music of all genres. My music is predominantly acoustic, with a few folky elements thrown in here and there!

When I was 14, I asked for (and received) a guitar for Christmas. I started teaching myself on Boxing Day that year!! I must admit, writing music started off as a very personal sideline for me; a way to express emotions; I never felt the need to show anyone what I'd written...

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