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Local & Live 2017: Monday at The Spa Hotel

Monday August 28th 2017, 1:00pm - 8:00pm at The Spa Hotel (see venue details and map).

Part of Local & Live Festival 2017 : Monday.

7:20pm Headline : Phoebe Katis

With powerful lyrics, beautifully crafted melodies, and a soaring soulful voice, Phoebe writes from the heart. Raw, universally relatable narratives are her muse, told through music that dances between soulful ballads, and neo-soul pop fusions...

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6:40pm Headline Support: Abi Hudson

Hailing from Bromley, Abi Hudson is not your typical 18-year-old. While peers may still be deciding on their life’s direction, Abi’s purpose has been resolute for a while. She established her extraordinary performing talent from a young age, and honed her craft over years to establish herself as a real contender on the live circuit.

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6:05pm Jack Burns

Jack has been tapping his feet to the beat since before he could even walk or talk. His younger years have been full of music, dance and drama performances – if he wasn’t tinkling the ivories or singing for his supper, he was on stage rocking to the rhythm...

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5:30pm Quentin Holway

Quentin Holway, otherwise known as Alfie Noakes for reasons no-one can recall, is a local type who writes songs and then plays them to people.

He was in the Moonshot Blues Band, later called the Moonshots, who did quite a lot of stuff a while back, playing all over the UK and Europe to great...

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4:55pm Rob Picazo

Rob Picazo is a Rhythm & Blues singer and guitarist born in Madrid and based in the South East of the UK. He writes and performs his own material in an attempt to combine soulful vocals, relatable lyrics and bluesy melodies, all the while influenced by great Soul and Blues performers such as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and Dan Penn. Following a two month trip through the South of the US, filming a documentary about roots music, Rob has been playing in popular venues throughout Sussex, Kent and London, and opening for great artists such as Gwyn Ashton, Brooks Williams, Julie McKee and Dom Pipkin. In the trio, he is skilfully supported by Charlie Williams on bass and James Chapman on drums.

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4:25pm Hannah Richards

Hannah is a 17 year old singer-songwriter from Battle, East Sussex. Having gigged with bands from the age of 14 and performed in the West End in the summer of 2015, Hannah is developing as a solo artist with a folk/pop influence and has performed in venues across the South East...

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3:50pm Alana Hazzard

I'm a fifteen-year-old singer/songwriter from Kent. I first picked up a guitar at the age of thirteen, and using the many internet sites I taught myself the basic chords. I am hearing-impaired but I have always loved music and how it makes me feel, and I enjoy expressing my feelings through my songwriting...

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3:15pm Becky Briggs

Becky Briggs is breaking through as one of the areas most acclaimed young vocal talent. Her song writing and singing has been inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift’s early country music and Emeli Sandé’s pure voice. Although a teenage student, Becky’s passion for writing and performing music has been with her from a very young age...

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2:40pm Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows are a dynamic Pop-Folk duo comprised of Leo Snook and Charlotte Tingley.

Charlotte is a classically trained singer and pianist, bringing character, power and style in her vocals and song-writing.
Leo is a reformed rocker who spends most of his time writing sad songs about the sea...

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2:05pm Nick Stephens

Nick Stephens grabs your attention with simultaneous singing, punchy bass, guitar and simple percussion, then keeps it when you realize he is doing it all on his own. On hearing Nick’s up-tempo songs at the Pizza Express, Geno Washington’s words to Nick were “Don’t change...

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1:30pm Duke Lloyd

Duke first picked up the acoustic guitar at the age of 16, and has made a swift rise from amateur guitarist to accomplished singer-songwriter, taking inspiration from artists such as Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Jake Bugg. In 2013, he recorded his first EP titled ‘The Valley’, with a full backing band, which is available on iTunes and Spotify...

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1:00pm Daisy Port

Daisy Port has been singing, playing the piano and songwriting since she was 11. As well as writing her own songs, she loves to mash up versions of popular music to suit her mellow voice and wide vocal range...

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