And we’re off! Enjoy the weekend!

Local & Live 2017: Friday at The Tunbridge Wells Forum

Friday August 25th 2017, 7:00pm - 1:00am at Tunbridge Wells Forum (see venue details and map).

Part of Local & Live Festival 2017 : Friday.

11:45pm Headline : Dull Knife

Dull Knife is named after a Native American renegade. Jack and I aren't Native American, nor are we renegades. We did nonetheless need a name for our "alt country band." Genres, to us, are pretty purposeless, but the fateful question is impossible to avoid. "What kind of music do you play?" One of us musters up a mumbled and addled response. "It's like heavy electric country grunge..." Whatever that is...

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10:45pm Headline Support: Night Without Sleep

Night Without Sleep are amazed they are still alive. They have fully embraced this lease of life in becoming an acoustic duo comprised of Mad Dogs - Wolff Williams (vocals/guitar) and Jim (Funboy) Loosley (guitar/vocals). Trying hard not to let themselves fall into any one genre of music, they are...

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9:45pm Ebsen

Ebsen is an Alternative / Indie / Rock Band from London and the South of England.

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8:45pm Riff Raff

Riff Raff - /rɪfraf/ - Noun.

A dynsfunctional conglomeration of idiots, savants and undesirables. Thrown together by a shared love of toffee (vodka), and a strong and persistent desire to be really rather loud.

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7:45pm Second Helpin

An acoustic guitar duo playing original songs as well as covers in a style that’s a cross between country and blues (with bits inbetween!)...

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