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Wake Up Leo

A musical, poptastic, fizzbomb of guitar x-synth flavoured theatrical tunes and performance from Leo Ulph and his band. Think; The Killers mixed with Bowie and Arcade Fire.

It’s all about stories, biting satire, humour and poignant commentary on modern culture, all set to thumping riffs and zings of keys.

The shows are a lively affair; there’s always a theme running through and intriguing sound bytes between songs.

Politics and the state of the world are always well represented, as they should be; usually with a wry wink.

Leo is currently touring in support of his EP:  ‘Devolution’- which is due for release at the end of the Summer and will be available as a special run of physical copies for the tour; including this show.

Recent performances include:

  • Supporting 90’s Indie legends ‘Space’ on their UK Tour.
  • Main Stage performances at Festivals with acts such as Reef, Reverent and The Makers and The Frattellis.
  • Live performances on BBC Radio.
  • Currently on tour throughout the UK with ‘My Life Story’

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