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Sarah Tonin

Sarah Tonin are an alternative rock band from Kent. The band’s influences indulge in psychedelic and progressive rock with funk and fusion thrown into the mix. Their music incorporates these styles and transforms them into a fresh and exciting new sound.

Front man of the group, Chris Parris, brings together influences from psychedelia and space rock, giving funk driven grooves a darker edge. With lyrics exploring topics of the human condition and the mysteries and surrealness of the universe, the arrangements of the songs often take the listeners to wonderful and unexpected places.

Parris and Marcus Chapman are the main creative driving force behind the band. Over the course of two years, they’ve recorded and produced their debut album ‘Spinning Chaos’. Chapman has been playing piano most of his life and is an experienced music producer. He crafts magical sounds bringing out different colours in various sections of their songs. He has mean organ tones, beautiful piano parts and his hypnotic, progressive synth solos leave audiences breathless.

The band have since expanded to include many of their talented friends who’ve brought immense, jaw dropping musicality to Sarah Tonin gigs across festival stages and venues around the south east. Today on the main stage at Local & Live they have their classic line up with co founding member Phil Wakeman on bass and Joey Lyon on drums. Put on your party dress or hat and be ready to get some serious freak on!

Please visit Album ‘Spinning Chaos’ available at the merchandise tent. Find/Like them on Facebook and support local music by purchasing your favourite band’s merch.

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