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Nick Stephens

Nick Stephens performs his funky blue gospel songs with an acoustic guitar with very thick strings which he calls a Guitarbass. The thick strings enable him to play the same low notes as on a dedicated bass whilst playing guitar parts on the thin strings. Nick invented this stringing method in 2004 and has been developing ways of playing them ever since.

The Guitarbass produces a remarkably full sound, that’s all you are listening to on Nick’s Website’s solo videos –

Jake Boyle’s response to Nick’s live work was: “F***ing incredible!” and Geno Washington said of his Guitarbass sound: “Don’t change sh**!”.

He hasn’t.

For four years Nick’s priority has been the medical care of a poorly family member who is now showing every sign of being fully recovered, so August 2015 represents his first substantial opportunity to write and arrange for his Funky Blue Gospel Band.

It is too early to confirm how many of his band members will play with him for his two Local and Live gigs but it is likely that some will be ready and able to commit, so all of the members are listed below.

Funky Blue Gospel Band
Nick Stephens now rehearses regularly with Guitarist Dave Reay and Luke Seal is his established Drummer who sings on some songs. Gay Reay is growingly providing Backing Vocals as of summer 2015.

Horn Section
Nick is writing Horn arrangements for Ben Burton, Ollie Burton and Gerry Smith. A typical Funky Blue Gospel score is for Tenor, Alto and Soprano Saxophone.


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