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Bisons can’t sing, talk or play music. However, if they could, it probably wouldn’t sound like Tunbridge Well’s HOTTEST BAND ‘Bison.’ It would sound more like ‘mmphhphphphrrrhahhahahahrhghghghgh’. Luckily, this isn’t what Bison sound like. They sound more like a three piece rock band consisting of Charlie Gibson on guitar and vocals, ‘Mad’ Lewie Roberts on the bass, and Alex ‘The Dawg’ Cooper on the skins. Inspired by the calm menace of a herd of big horny cows, they play original guitar-driven rock focussing on brooding blues, pop positivity and big ****ing chunky songs. When tasked with writing a band biography, they displayed their infectious sense of punk rebellion by making it incredibly half-arsed. Thankfully, or so they believe, their song-writing chops, stunning looks and collectively great hair makes up for other deficiencies. Will their songs win over a tough Tunbridge Wells crowd? Only you can decide.


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