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2017 auction: guitar signed by Roger Daltrey

Auction closing date extended!

For our 2017 fundraising we once again have some items that have been signed by Roger Daltrey CBE of The Who.

Starting during the festival weekend we will be auctioning a signed guitar, kindly donated by JBs Music.

We are hugely grateful again to Roger for his involvement in our fundraising efforts, and we’re looking forward to some very healthy bids.

Please keep an eye on the website and on Facebook for details of future fundraising auctions!

Read on below to find out how to bid.

Tokai acoustic guitar signed by Roger Daltrey CBE

(Click photos for a larger view)

Roger Daltrey CBE signed this guitar on the 25th of August 2017  in the presence of Paul Dunton. He said:

Local & Live is a fantastic platform for independent original musicians. Long may it continue!

— Roger Daltrey CBE

The minimum reserve on this fantastic item is £2000.

Buy a unique guitar and help us fund the Festival!

How to bid

So how do you bid? Just fill in the form below. But first, some important notes:

  • AUCTION EXTENDED: The auction closes at midnight on 20th December 2017.
  • Please, genuine bids only!
  • This is a ‘sealed bid’ auction. Your bids will not be displayed on this page, and you won’t be able to see what others have bid. So you should make nice high bids to be sure to win!
  • Your bid will be treated confidentially, but due to the nature of online bidding is visible to the Local & Live organiser (Paul Dunton) and webmaster (Michael Houghton).
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation that we have received your bid. This message will include the bid amount so use an e-mail address you own privately!
  • Should you not receive an email confirmation of a bid, do contact us for assurance that we’ve received it, leaving a phone number we can reach you on. For obvious reasons, if you are not known personally to us, we will not be able to confirm your bid amount.
  • In order to maintain fairness, Local & Live team members, venue hosts and members of their immediate family are not eligible to bid. Sorry folks…
  • If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible to bid, please contact us in advance. Thanks so much in advance for your understanding on this point.
  • With all that stuff out of the way… get bidding!

Make a bid

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