And we’re off! Enjoy the weekend!

LOCAL & LIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2015 (featuring an exclusive interview with Noble Jacks)

With over two hundred local artists performing over the August Bank Holiday weekend, (two days in Calverley Grounds and four days in various locations across Tunbridge Wells, Kent), thousands of festival goers from the local community and beyond, surrounded Calverley Grounds stages and packed out a wide range of pubs, bars and cafes – making it a huge success this year at “The Local & Live Music Festival 2015”. Although we basked in the heat of the summer sun one minute, we also endured drizzly showers (which resulted in everyone sheltering underneath umbrellas for the majority of the weekend), but that didn’t stop the people of Tunbridge Wells from coming on down to support and appreciate the wide array of deeply talented, enthusiastic musicians.


The Gardens in Calverley Grounds remained litter free the entire time, with two main stages located in opposite ends of the venue. At one end you had ‘The Main Stage’ which was conveniently situated as you walked in the main entrance and at the opposite end, was the acoustic stage – both playing all kinds of music from: Blues/Rock/Folk/Indie and Pop, meaning that there was something suited for everyone. Now, it would take me forever and a day to name every single artist who I enjoyed seeing, so I will just go on to talk about the few that I believe really stood out from the rest…

DSC03655 DSC03734

While waiting around backstage, I met the fantastic Steffan James. The singer/songwriter based in South London, produces acoustic blues music. Starting his solo career in 2012, he released his first two singles “Inside Out” and “She Knows”, which grasped attention from independent radio stations in The States and across Europe. James has been touring relentlessly across the UK gaining support and accompanying musicians, such as: Josh Doyle, Joan Armatrading, Charley Blue, Bela Takes Chase and many others. During his performance at “Local & Live” yesterday afternoon, Steffan took to the main stage and had the audience up on their feet dancing along to his catchy melodies.

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Steffan will be opening for an iconic band, whose young career launched with the support and endorsement of Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters. The Canadian Psychedelic/Pop Rock trio Blurred Vision, will be playing live at Tunbridge Wells Forum this September, performing songs from their critically acclaimed debut album “Organized Insanity”. (you can purchase your tickets by clicking here on the Website).

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Taking the stage by storm were the wildly talented ‘Noble Jacks‘. Their energetic performance echoed across the lively audience and with their loyal ‘Farriers’ dancing amongst the crowd, it made for an enjoyable show. The band play contemporary-folk infused music, which is very popular with every age group alike and once again, they left the crowd chanting for “one more song” as they brought their performance to a close.

DSC03708 DSC03719 DSC03745 DSC03727 DSC03748 DSC03765 DSC03768 DSC03769

In between signing t-shirts for their young fans, I managed to grab an exclusive interview with the band (up on the bank in Calverley Grounds), to discuss what they have been up to and their plans for the future, check out how we got on below…

DSC03771 DSC03776 DSC03777 DSC03778

I was very impressed with how well the whole festival had turned out. Each artist performed exceptionally well and on time, the sound engineer was spot on and even though the weather was changeable, the public STILL came along showing their support and got involved.

Special Credit goes to Paul Dunton, who has been working hard for 9 months to organize the entire logistics of this outstanding festival. Involving a diverse selection of local traders to supply incredible food / beverages and helping to promote upcoming gigs that are taking place this coming September, it’s a wonder how he managed to find the time and energy to play along with his orchestra up on the main stage! This was the 10th year running that the Local & Live festival has taken place and each time it is funded throughout the year by donations made from various Local & Live gigs, that Paul organizes at range of venues such as: ”The Forum’ and ‘The Trinity Theatre’.

Well done Mr. Dunton, it was a truly superb weekend and I am very much looking forward to attending next year…