Thanks for coming to Local & Live 2014!

Hello folks! I hope you enjoyed the festival!

I have caught my breath after Local & Live and wanted to thank you all for coming along to support the festival. It was a blast!

Calverley Grounds proved to be a wonderful location as a central point for the event, and I know all the musicians involved really enjoyed performing on such a wonderful stage to many thousands of people. On reflection, the difference with Calverley Grounds over The Pantiles is that it offers much needed space required to host the event effectively, now that it has grown to its considerable size. The atmosphere was also different, every bit as positive as previous years if not more so, but because of the setting, I think Local & Live has a more laid back relaxed festival feel.

With Calverley Grounds proving to be highlight, it was certainly well supported by an excellent ‘Fringe’ element which has enabled the festival to spread its wings across the town. It was to a degree, an experiment to see if I could create a mini version of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival over the weekend. We certainly have the roster available in terms of talent and the number of acts, so it was a thrill to have The Beau Nash, The Trading Post, The Bedford, Sankeys, The Camden Quarter, The Royal Oak, No.9 Smokehouse, The Forum and The Grey Lady all involved, hosting stages for well over 200 acts comprising 400 musicians. This made it the largest Local & Live ever and I feel confident that the fringe will now help sustain and support the festival for the future years.

Local & Live as a festival could not have happened without the help of all our amazing volunteers, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the event running smoothly. They are all individuals from the local community who gave up their time over the weekend to help our cause. In our festival brochure we have a credit & thanks section to list everyone who has contributed in their different ways, I must however award a special vote of thanks to all of musicians who performed and all the Local & Live Angels, our sponsors and the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and the Friends of Calverley Grounds for all their support and assistance.

Local & Live doesn’t stop there. It is an all-year-round project, and if you fancy another taste of the festival,  I strongly recommend attending our next few Local & Live Sessions at Trinity Theatre which are on Sept 27th, (Steve Dodds + Harley & Woods full band), October 18th  (Ant & Fie + Lectures)  and Nov 22nd (The Diarys + Mistress & The Malts). Six cracking Local & Live acts who will be strutting their stuff in the beautiful setting of Trinity Theatre. My full 20-piece Orchestra will also be involved at these events.

Paul Dunton
Festival Organiser